100 people have been selected as the most likely candidates for a colonization effort to Mars.

Whether you think this is good, bad, crazy, defeatist, hopeful, inspiring, terrifying, ridiculous, whatever… It is. I’m amazed that it has attracted, pretty much zero attention, other than from the news sources I consider “alternative.”

The snowstorms on the East Coast dominate, also ISIS and the US/international responses. Second-tier news is the environment and income inequality.

That 100 people have been selected to be the first to go to Mars? That’s weirdo news, teeny news.

It takes less than a year to get to Mars, even as little as 6 months if you are willing to burn a lot of fuel to get there.

This is going to happen, in my lifetime, maybe, in my son’s lifetime almost certainly. Isn’t that unbefreakinglieveable?

I’ve really enjoyed a couple of juicy “space opera” novels/series lately set in the “near future” (<300 years) and they have really set the stage for my imagination to run wild, knowing that it’s ON. ( This and This)

Modern times being what they are, it seems it will not be nations, but businesses, corporations, that reach for the near planets. What then?


One thought on “Mars

  1. I think it’s crazy! I always have mixed feelings about things like this… awe and wonder that such things can happen within our lifetime, and sadness that we’re all about heading off into the stars when we haven’t figured out how to take care of our own planet properly. My husband though, he’s all agog. 🙂

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