13 Thankfuls

I’m home
I went to San Francisco for a work trip and I’m home
I went on a boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and I’m home
I leaned into the wind as I watched the sun set over the Pacific and I’m home
I ate delicious seafood while watching waves pound the shore and I’m home
I met some lovely travelers on their first trip to the US and I’m home
I stayed on the 17th floor of a fancy hotel with glass elevators and deliciously comfortable beds and I’m home
I stood on the Standee spot at the front of a cable car up and over streets too steep to believe and I’m home
I am working to do the work that I do better, and I’m home
I had a few moments of insight… perhaps that what conferences are for, and I’m home
I walked in to two sleeping boys, and I’m home
I saw a kitchen cleaned up and tidy — because that means so much to me to come home to
I’m home
Kendall and family
Lack of want
Holidays are over
Healthy family here, months now
My dad, recovering
New one
Ordered the *good strings!!* — last of the 40th birthday wonderment
John Sporman
Alden’s radically red cheeks
we are warm and safe and loved
I LOVE our tap water in winter. SO cold and perfect.
My niece is steady, ok.
Cars startin up.
Snow today.
wam boots
meatballs (Josh’s tonight, in particular, dense and very oregano-y. YUM.)
the magic of christmas lights
friends who reach
finding ways to keep the ends meeting
pretty good band practice tonight
Alden can read
Our pretty Christmas tree
new days to wake up to
Josh’s laugh
Cars that can be jumped
Bed soon
sharing Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “The Long Winter” with Alden
My bow newly rehaired
Pretty good band practice last night
Josh in a great mood when I got home from band practice
Women in binders– cracking me up all day
Hanging out with toddlers wthis morning
My plants are surviving in the basement office
Nothing on the agenda this evening
Friends who understand me
My red shoes
The green beans Josh made last night
Alden’s exploding reading
Lots of worthy work
Remembering to be thankful!
A refrigerator full of local produce
New strings on my guitar
Playing a few sing-along-songs for the first time in… way too long
The remarkable opportunity to make a little extra money doing something I love
The people I get to play with
An-almost-blue sky today
Walking to work
New sheets
Camping this weekend
My friend Caroline
The return of boots-wearing-weather
Bruschetta with homegrown tomatoes, goat cheese, and LOTS of garlic, cooked by Josh
Alden’s face when he thinks dinner is “DEEE-licious!”
Thunderstorm at 6, cooler evening
Animal guessing game, getting more and more challenging (caiman, tamarin, grouse)
My new red shoes
My dad
Playin music at Matt’s wedding party last Sunday, feeling the magic, magic, magic
Jeremy stopping over for dinner – of COURSE we have plenty!
My first online class (also in-person workshop) of the new job: Field Trips!
Coffee, mmmmm
Canoe float with new friends
Surprises afoot
Did I mention my cute new red shoes?
Talking to Vic
Alden jumping full-throttle into deep water
Fans (the cooling-off the house kind!)
Feeling like I know what I’m talking about at work
Seeing Joanna’s child care space today
New laptop!!!
Cool crispy mornings
Growing community
Alden asking if my name has a “bossy E in it” (it does)
Children’s books I love to read
Clean laundry
My sweet husband
Red wine
Canoe trail
Alden’s ability to notice bird sounds, orient in nature, etc
Slight relief of a passing storm from the heat
My new fiddle, really appreciating its supple sound lately
Josh out a bachelor party- feeling 100% sure nothing groady is afoot 🙂
Sierra Nevada
New job starts Tues
Alden played the solo on “Baby Beluga”on kazoo tonight — AWESOME!!!
the innocence of our twenties
Talking with my dad yesterday
My brother’s heart
Distant thunder rumble
Sight-reading music for the first time in years
Layer of spinach beneath the cheese in homemade pizza
The library
Cool, cool evening
Missoula has so few mosquitoes
Red-gold hills at sunset
My co-workers’ sweet send-off
Hawk moths
Alden, age 4, asking me “What does “Disney”mean?”
Alden laughing helplessly at Bambi’s pratfalls
My brother Tom’s generosity
Tender salad greens from the garden
Quiet house
Alden’s maybe feeling better
Made lunch for Josh– he really appreciated it
Last big work road trip starts tomorrow
Meeting a hero of mine tomorrow-Rchard Louv
The engagement ring Josh gave me– for what it is and what it means
Garlic scapes
Too many fresh greens
Boulevard looks good!
Alden seeing an Esther Williams swimming extravaganza for the first time
“Make ’em laugh, Make ’em laugh” from Singin in the Rain
Taking boots and boots only to Portland
Alden loves slapstick. Falls off the couch laughing.
Bedtime is now.
Sore muscles, from using them
Three deer calmly passing through the campsite at dusk
Miraculous children’s ibuprofen and tylenol to ease lil guy’s fever
My husband, happy and calm
Watching my husband handle the canoe– second nature
Hard rain, snug tent
Mosquito bites are temporary
Montana, Montana, Montana
Grandma Sue’s pesto
Last long work trip this week (Portland)
Going to meet Richard Louv!
…..Under the weather Alden = super-duper snuggly Alden. Not actually sure I’m thankful for that, but it’s true….
9 PM, dishes done and gear stowed from weekend camping trip. Team effort.
The grampas in our family, whose presence is felt every day in some way or ‘nother.
Being reminded to be thankful! 🙂
Empathetic co-workers
Strawberry plants shootin’ up
4-egg-day (the 4 chickens, not me)
Grandma Sue’s pesto
Online friends
Walkin’ with a friend at noon tomorrow, might just be 20 minutes, can’t wait
played the accordion at practice last night, first time, and the guys were really supportive
Lilacs, lilacs, lilacs
Dishes are done
Gigs keep being offered
Alden’s gettin’ taller AGAIN!
Sunshine by 7 AM
Walk to work
My plants like it here at the office
Double Americano
Looking forward to baking Pretzel Rolls
Hungry 4-year-old
Sleeping 4-year-old
Mysterious volunteer cactus in another plant’s pot
Coffee cup I have managed to hold onto for almost 2 years and 8 or 10 plane trips
Nothing scheduled tonight
A decent hair day
Leaves bagged up
Leaving the car parked
A cloudless Sunday
Garden beds humped into mounds and planted
My son’s first big “worm day”
Avocados on sale
Strong coffee
My bike not needing a tune-up after the winter storage
Tuneups being free for life at the bike shop where I bought my bike
Shooting stars out on the hill
Balsamroot out on the hill
Larkspur out on the hill
Digging deep in the cupboards and freezer, and finding plenty of food til payday
Homebaked anadama bread
The smell of cottonwood buds
Starting a book I’ve been looking forward to.
The achy-happy feeling of finishing a book I really loved.
Moleskine notebooks.
Images from the Hubble telescope.
The way my son rolls his eyes and wiggles with pleasure when he eats fruit.
Watching first-time parents with a newborn.
New boots, yep.
Vintage boots, double yup.
Getting a real piece of mail in the mail.
Warm sun on my cheeks.
Seeing my husband and son snuggle.
My son returning to the kitchen with fresh eggs
A peaceful hardworking hour
My very comfortable bed, just the right firmness for me and hubby
Savory baked tofu
Cottonwood buds appearing seemingly overnight
Fast-moving clouds
The car that starts right up
Sunday morning “Snickle” session with my son (snuggle + tickle = Snickle)
Muck boots
Receiving understanding rather than judgment
Feeling empathy instead of judgment
Reading The Trumpet of the Swan out loud
Toots and the Maytals
The slight but real feeling of relief when a plane I’m on lands safely.
a good bra.
Waking up naturally, without an alarm clock.
warm sand, bare feet.
giant snowflakes.
making my husband laugh.
making my son laugh.
laughing helplessly with my husband about something my son said innocently.
a perfectly ripe mango.
the song of a meadowlark.
the new moon, a slivery silvery smile.
the smell of woodsmoke.

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